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Chalo Card In Udupi

Chalo Card is a tap to pay travel bus card which stores a pre-paid wallet and can be used to store Student Pass and Chalo Smart Plans.

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Chalo Card In Udupi

Contactless and safer bus travel
Blazing fast payments with one-tap
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Chalo Card Offers

New Card Offers

  • Get a new Chalo Card for ₹20 and recharge with any amount
  • Get a new Chalo Card for ₹50 with a wallet balance of ₹30
  • Get a new Chalo Card for ₹100 with a wallet balance of ₹80

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Step 1: Get Your Chalo Card Activation Code Online

Important: Before you begin, please have your Aadhaar card or PAN card ready.

  • Visit www.chalo.com/account/
  • Enter your mobile number and complete SMS OTP verification
  • Enter your personal details exactly as they are mentioned on your Aadhaar card

Your Aadhaar details will be instantly verified online, and your unique card activation code will be generated.

Step 2: Get A New Chalo Card At Any Chalo Counter

Now you can visit any Chalo Card counter with your activation code and get a new Chalo Card.

Get Your Card Activation Code

Recharge Your Chalo Card

Get your Chalo Card recharged from your bus conductor. For help please visit the nearest Chalo Centre.

Check Your

Chalo Card Balance And Transactions

3 Easy Steps

  • Log in to manage your Chalo Card
  • Enter your mobile number and complete SMS OTP verification
  • Check your Chalo Card transaction history and balance online
Manage Your Chalo Card

How To

Block Your Chalo Card

Steps To Block Your Chalo Card Online:

Blocking your card becomes necessary when it’s lost, damaged or stolen or if you wish to block it for any other reason. You can initiate the blocking of your card online

  • Go to Manage Your Chalo Card
  • Enter your mobile number and complete SMS OTP verification
  • Select 'Block Your Card' to initiate your request

Important Information:

  • Blocking process can take upto 24 hours
  • Chalo Card balances cannot be refunded or transferred to any one else's Chalo Card
  • Cards once blocked cannot be unblocked or re-used.

Transfer Unused Balance To Your New Card

After blocking has been completed, your unused card balance can be transferred to your new Chalo Card provided both cards are issued on the same mobile number.

  • Visit the nearest Chalo Card counter
  • Ask to transfer your blocked Chalo Card’s unused balance to a new Chalo Card
  • Complete OTP verification of your mobile number

A new Chalo Card will be issued to you with the unused balance transferred. The prevailing new Chalo Card issuance fees will be charged.

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Need help?
Call +91-9141134640 (10:00 AM - 6:00 PM) Mon-Sat or email us at contact@chalo.com and we will reply to you within 1 day.

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