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Chalo Super Saver Plans In Jabalpur

Chalo Super Saver plans help you save money on your bus travel. Each plan entitles you to a specified number of bus trips within its validity period at a fixed price.

Super Saver plans are available on the Chalo Card. With a Super Saver plan in your pocket, you never have to worry about buying a bus ticket ever again.

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Why Get

Super Saver In Jabalpur

Enjoy Savings on your bus travel
No more hassles / worries about carrying cash or loose change any longer
Travel safer by avoiding exchange of cash in the bus

Super Saver Plans In Jabalpur

Super Saver Plans Plan Price Validity Trips
Super Saver ₹29 ₹29 1 Day 4
Super Saver ₹49 ₹49 2 Days 6
Super Saver ₹159 ₹159 7 Days 21
Super Saver ₹299 ₹299 28 Days 100

How To Get

Chalo Super Saver Plan In Jabalpur

Buy A Super Saver Plan On The Chalo Card

  • Get a Chalo Card if you don’t already have one
  • Ask the conductor to activate the Super Saver plan of your choice on your Chalo Card
  • Pay the Super Saver plan amount from your Chalo Card wallet or in cash

Your Super Saver plan is now ready for use! Just tap your card to travel.

Guidelines For

Chalo Super Saver Plans In Jabalpur

  • Each Chalo Super Saver plan is limited to maximum 1 tap per bus trip.
  • Each Chalo Super Saver plan is valid for a specified number of consecutive calendar days. The plan expires automatically at the end of its validity period.
  • Unused trips at the end of the validity period are forfeited and cannot be carried forward or reimbursed in any way whatsoever.
  • Chalo Super Saver plans cannot be used to travel for a ticket priced higher than the maximum one-way ticket price indicated.
  • Chalo Super Saver plans are for a single individual’s use only. The conductor / ticket checker is entitled to verify the passenger’s identity. If the passenger cannot prove their identity, then the full ticket fare will be charged.
  • Chalo Super Saver plans are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Get Your Chalo Super Saver Today!