Never Miss Your Bus Again

Live Bus Tracking In Bhubaneswar

Take control of your daily travel by knowing the live arrival time of your bus. Now you will never miss your bus, or wait at the bus stop ever again. Download the Chalo app for Bhubaneswar today.

Smarter Travel In


Track your bus live

See the exact location of your bus, know its live arrival time, and leave for the bus stop just a few minutes before your bus arrives. You never have to wait at the bus stop again, and never miss your bus again either.

Find Cheapest And Fastest Routes

Just enter your destination to instantly see the cheapest and fastest route options available using all modes of public transport.

Get Live Bus Updates

Get real time information about service updates and disruptions to help you plan your travel better.

Trip Sharing And SOS Features

Just 'check-in' on a trip and share your live location with your chosen contacts. You can also configure emergency alerts to friends and family.